Spring/Summer 2024 collection collection

Spring/Summer 2024 collection


Colors and patterns chase each other on the frame, like brushstrokes on an artist’s canvas.
Spontaneity tells the creative impulse of the big names of abstract expressionism – emotions leave their mark, in the thousand shades of seersucker, still to be explored.
Rothko’s backgrounds, Pollock’s dripping, de Kooning’s spatula strokes. The ultimate expressive freedom, in the geometry of a fabric.



Austere shapes in an eclectic soul.
Art déco architecture expresses the evocative power of the past to give a new idea of the future. In a New York City that is about to become a global hub essential lines and opulent symmetries chase each other on the facades of skyscrapers as well as on the textures of seersucker fabrics. A firm point and a star- ting point at the same time: an ever-fitting, unshakeable style statement.