Our Green proposals

Green proposal for every season

Our subalpino green proposal for fall/winter season is currently based on four main themes and on three main themes for spring/summer season.

Autumn/Winter proposals

FABRICS WITH NO DYEING Fabrics made of precious fibres (yak, wool, alpaca, camel, cashmere) in their natural shades.

FABRICS MADE WITH NATURAL RECYCLED FIBERS Noble scraps of extra-fine worsted spinning, already tops dyed, developed in a soft carded yarn.

ZERO MILES WOOL Handcrafted wool fabrics exclusively made of fleeces of animals living in our Biella pre-Alps. An expert recycling process of less refined local wool which also contributes to the environment preservation.

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Spring/Summer proposals

A totally and truly ecological collection, obtained only by mixing natural fibers, linen and organic cottons, without the dying aid. The only exception is represented by linen which is presented with a range of natural dyes obtained from plants, roots and fruits. Different weights, compositions and structures meet and mix in their natural colors resulting in a perfect look for summer and above all respectful of the environment

FABRICS WITH NATURAL DYEINGS Fabrics yarn dyed, in linen and wool. dyed with natural elements like flowers, leaves, berries and roots.

FABRICS WITH NO DYEING Fabrics in pure organic cotton or mixed with other natural fibres like linen or hamps, in their natural shades.

FABRICS WITH RECYCLED FIBRES Fabrics in organic cotton mixed with recycled cotton-polyester yarns.

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Tessile e Salute Certification

The “Associazione Tessile e Salute” declared that tissues and fabrics made by Lanificio Subalpino fulfils all requirements set by the “Tessile e Salute” project and partecipates in the textile and health project funded by MINISTRY of HEALTH aimed at protecting the health of peoople, guaranteeing to the end consumers the safety and the transparency of the textile-clothing products.

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