Our history, philosophy and team

Since 1940, a family, the same values


Between 1942 and 1945 Mr. Luciano met Eda in Florence during his military service. At this time he started promoting the fabrics of Biella in Tuscany.
From 1952 to 1963 Mr. Luciano and Mrs Eda had 5 children. Paolo, the forth was born in 1958, while Monica, the fifth, was born in 1963.

From 40s to 80s Mr Luciano maintained his trade specialized in fabrics mainly from the Biella area with MANIFATTURA L. ZANONE but, in 1975, he also founded his own small production of fabrics calling the new company LANIFICIO SUBALPINO.

At the beginning of 80s Mr Luciano became partner in another Biella’s company producing knitted garments called DELLA ROVERE and closed his first activity with Manifattura L.Zanone. In the meantime his first son Alberto started to work in the design department of Della Rovere brand and just a few years later Paolo, hhis third son, reached his father at the direction of Lanificio Subalpino, just after accomplishing his university degree.

In 1986 after Mr Luciano’s death, his first son Alberto left Della Rovere and founded a new brand called Zanone, specialized in high fashion knitwear, taking his youngest sister Monica with him. Paolo remained at the direction of Lanificio Subalpino.

For few years Subalpino and Zanone had been two branches of the same company: LANIFICIO FRATELLI ZANONE. But at the beginning of 90s the two brands took different directions and planned different strategies: while Zanone opened its main office in Milan, Subalpino, connected to the Biella territory, just moved to another factory in the Biella area, buying a small spinning mill that was going to close (1992).

In 1996 Subalpino and Zanone divided. Monica arrived at Subalpino to help Paolo in the product research and styling. In the same year also her husband Nicolò Zumaglini joined them sharing a part of the company.
Currently Paolo, Monica and Nicolò are still the three owners of Lanificio Subalpino.


Subalpino combines colours and creativity through a thousand aspects. And it couldn’t be any different: Subalpino’s success and survival, at a time of great changes in markets and increasing competition, come from a type of offer that cannot exclude the constant research of colour combinations in different designs and materials.



Each fiber reacts differently to colours and their combination: this is fascinating in terms of fabric positioning.

Types of finishing and weave complete the variable factors applied to attract the most important international fashion brands.



We develop designs with experience, passion and sometimes obstinacy, we search for new handles, new yarn and material blends. We look for the right shade of colour and eventually it is rewarding.

Behind that, there are investments of time, of experimentation, of colour cards that are the result of demanding yarn supplies.


Experience, passion and obstinacy


Our team, with a majority of women workers, competent and highly specialized for textile precision manufacturing, quality and manual ability